"We have hundreds of exercises that will introduce you to this discipline"

Learning to play the piano can be one of the most rewarding instruments, playing a bass line chords and melody all on your own as well as being versatile with other instruments. Our lessons often start with beginners having no musical knowledge and lead very quickly to enjoying performing with both hands.

Piano Classical
This would be the traditional approach to understanding the technical aspect of the piano. We have hundreds of exercises that will introduce you to this discipline and help you work towards your favorite classical piece. Beethoven wrote “Fur Elise” for his niece so that she could learn to play piano and is an excellent piece to begin your journey of the piano, with many different sections for you to master at your own pace.

Piano Jazz
Learn to understand scales and chords symbols to create your own version of jazz classics. This will inspire creativity and an understanding of improvisation. Essentially jazz is never performed the same twice as solos are always improvised allowing you to embellish melodies from any ideas you create. We have many songs to help you start your creative jazz journey and introduce you to styles like blues and contemporary jazz to help find your “sound”.